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Laxton Hollow

Brewing Works


When you visit Laxton Hollow,

you are in for something special. 

Come experience Ohio's only exclusive "true cask ale" brewery.  Operating as a

small-batch nano-brewery, our beers

reflect an obsession with detail, quality, tradition and a natural conditioning

process that is free of any artificial carbonation.

The Ales of Laxton Hollow


The recipes for these naturally conditioned ales were developed over years of testing and refinement.  

There are a number of additional beers waiting patiently in the wings for their time to enter the picture,

each full of their own distinctive character and life.


A rich, semi-dry porter featuring two kinds of chocolate malt, as well as final touch of black malt and Northumberland caramel malts. Roasted, chocolate and toffee notes are followed by a hint of smokiness and the rounded, slightly fruity bitterness of Challenger hops, providing a porter that is as easy to drink as it is flavorful. We age this beer longer than usual for the full development of its intended smoothness and complexity. 

ABV:  5.7%    IBU:  34


This offering is the brewer’s favorite. Despite the name "bitter", this ancestor of today’s American pale ales is a relatively mild drink by modern standards. Medium-bodied with a brilliant copper color and smooth caramel undertone, this ale features traditional floor-malted barley and crystal malts from the UK, and a generous yet balanced helping of Target, Hersbrucker and Styrian Celeia hops. 

ABV:  4.6%    IBU:  33


This traditional pale ale features a biscuity Maris Otter malt base, with a touch of wheat and caramel malt to round out the flavor.  Admiral, Whitbread Variety and East Kent Golding hops lend bitter orange marmalade and tobacco flower notes.

ABV:  6.2%    IBU:  50


This is a blonde ale that has something for everyone. This light-bodied beer is truly international, featuring a subtle blend of malted barley, oats, rye and wheat, creating a distinctive flavor that is full yet fresh. Czech Saaz and Styrian Golding hops from Slovenia round out this one-of-a-kind brew with ingredients from five countries. An easy drinker. 

ABV:  5.1%    IBU:  20


Want to Learn More?

Click below to visit Laxton Hollow's website where you can discover the

unique story of true cask ale.

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